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IP Telephony

Sample: 79US$
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Sample: 89US$
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VoIP phone DTC200 (JR168-900 / X255 compatible)

A functional phone for Home and Office based on new Infineon chipset.

"._( Status: available
Lead time: 4 weeks
Sample: 89US$
Volume Price: ask

Free local shipment (Singapore only)
Please request quotation.

Technical Specifications:
- H.323(V4), SIP (RFC3261, RFC3262, RFC3264, RFC3265) synchronously
- Codecs: G.711(A-law/U-law), G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726 and G.722
- DHCP Client (WAN Interface), DHCP Server (LAN Interface), DNS Client, DNS Relay
- Support of Bridge and Router(NAT&NAPT) modes
- Redundancy SIP server (or Gate Keeper): Can auto swap address between two servers
- NAT transversal: Support STUN client, AVS and Citron etc.
- Can modify SIP register port, HTTP server port, Telnet server port and RTP port
- Support of two SIP servers synchronously
- Can register two different SIP server and can make a call by either proxy
- Caller ID Display, Call Waiting, Hold, Transfer, Do-Not-disturb, Forward
- Hotline (off hook autodial), auto answer, ban outgoing
- In-band and out-of-band DTMF
- Full duplex hands-free speakerphone, redial, call log, volume control
- Voice recorder with indicator
- Supports standard encryption and authentication (DIGEST using MD5, MD5-sess)
- Silence Suppression
- VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
- CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
- Line Echo Cancellation (G.168)
- AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
- Easy configuration thru manual operation (Phone keypad, Web interface and Telnet)
- Automated centralized configuration file via TFTP or HTTP
- Firmware upgrade via TFTP/FTP and HTTP
- Supports syslog, can send event of phone to syslog server

Electric Specifications:
- FCC/CE type approval
- Voltage: 5V DC
- Power: 1.9W~2.8W (max.), power adapter included
- Power adapter: AC/DC input 110~240V
- Network interface: Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports for PC cut-through connection
- Built in router and bridge support

- Size: 26026090 mm (L W H)
- Temperature 0-60C
- Relative humidity 5-95%

For details please contact us for an assessment & offer.