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Technical Support

This section contains technical information, configuration and setup details as well as software downloads for our products. In no way can an online offer substitute professional technical support from experienced engineers. Should you have problems with our products we strongly suggest to contact us for assistance. Having said that, please use the information here for your convenience and fast self support. However keep in mind that all online content is purely for usage at your own risk. Although all content here is offered at our best knowledge and capabilities, DTCon can and will not take any responsibility for issues resulting from and related to the usage of it.


User Manuals

 JR168 DTC100 SIP User Manual

Setup Information

 Setup Details for sipgate.de
 Setup Details for sipphone.com (gizmoproject.com)
 Setup Details for freephone.web.de

Software Downloads

 JR168 SIP english Firmware v1.49
 DTCon SIP english Firmware v1.50 - JR168 5111phone compatible
 DTCon SIP deutsche Firmware v1.50 - JR168 5111phone kompatibel
 DTCon SIP english Firmware v1.55 - JR168 5111phone compatible
 DTCon SIP deutsche Firmware v1.55 - JR168 5111phone kompatibel
 DTCon SIP english Firmware v1.68 - JR168 5111phone compatible
 DTCon SIP deutsche Firmware v1.68 - JR168 5111phone kompatibel

Update Instructions

In case the firmware upgrade doesn't work using the web interface (update counter on the LCD counts till 983040 and then the phone suddenly reboots), please use PalmTool (download below) and follow this Update procedure: First prepare your phone. Switch it off, keep the '*' key pressed and switch it on again. The phone will reboot and show a '*' prompt. Repeat this step one more time, this will reset the phone to IP address Now make sure your PC is on the same subnet, extract the PalmTool archive to a location of your choice and start PalmTool.exe. Choose the IP of your phone (you can click on "List Phones" on the left side to find the configuration). Then click on "Update Program", select the firmware .bin file from where you extracted it and click on "Open" to start the update. The phone will reboot automatically.

 PalmTool 1.50
 PalmTool 1.55
 PalmTool 1.63 (latest)

FAQ (courtesy of palmmicro.com)

 I can not see the SIP configuration in web interface?
Please use the "super" password to enter the web interface in order to access the SIP (or other protocol and settings) configuration web page. Default admin passwords are "12345678", "19750407", "19800211", the default user password is "1234".

 My phone got stuck at "Booting ..." after update new software?
Many PA1688 manufacturers and users prefer to set the "debug" option to "no check", and prevent any check on the upgrade files. When wrong software is used, for example updated "PINGHE" software to "5111PHONE", this error will occur because the booting sequences are different. Need to recover the correct software in safe mode. In some rare cases, because we changed booting sequence at an early software version, if your orginal phone software version is older than that, you need to use PalmTool to update page0.hex safe mode file to fix this problem.

 PalmTool "List Phones" can list the phone, but when trying to change settings or upgrade, a "Can not connect to Palm1" or "tcp connection failed" message is displayed?
PalmTool change settings and upgrade can only work when the device "debug" option is not "disabled". In the admin web page, change "debug" option to a no-zero value like "output" will be ok. As the "List Phones" message is sent to broadcast address, you might also need to check if your PC and phone are in the same subnet. For example, when your phone address is and your PC address is, you can also see the listed phones, but you will not be able to connect by TCP.

 After loading the upgrade file, PalmTool says "Updating ... please wait until the update led stops flashing" but I do not see any LED?
Use the LCD display on your phone to judge if the update finished.