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IP Telephony

Sample: 79US$
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Sample: 89US$
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VoIP phone DTC500 (ET-747 / TPT 6811 compatible)

A next generation IP phone with convenient Office functionality.

"._( Status: available
Lead time: 3-4 weeks
Sample: 109US$
Volume Price: ask

Free local shipment (Singapore only)
Please request quotation.

Technical Specifications:
- Support H.323 v4,compatible with most H.323 v1-v4 system and devices
- Built in H.323 proxy support to pass NAT
- Support MGCP RFC2705
- Support SIP RFC3261
- Support Net2phone private protocol
- Fast start and H.245 tunneling
- Outband DTMF transmit by H.245 user input or Q.931 keypad
- IEEE 802.3 /802.3 u 10 Base T / 100Base TX
- Major G.7XX and gsm610 audio codec
- Caller ID send and receive by Q.931
- Provide direct IP address to IP address call mode, direct PSTN call by a voice gateway E.164 phone number call under the mode of GK
- Automatically gatekeeper discovery in LAN
- Call PSTN by ITSPs prepaid card (eTalk,italk,ringtec etc)
- DHCP support for automatically assign IP address and others relevant parameters
- PPPoE support for ADSL or Cable modem
- Setting IP Net Phone parameters by standard web browser (such as IE6.0), phone keypad or standard telnet
- Upgrade program by FTP mode
- Support G.723.1 5.3k/6.3k,G.729,G.711 A-Law/-Law audio codec algorithm
- Dynamic voice detection Echo cancellation Comfort noise generation
- Dynamic voice jitter buffer which minimize effect to the voice caused by the audio delay and jitter and as a result the quality of voice is high
- Tone generation and Local DTMF generation and detection according with ITU-T
- E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules
- Store quick dial number: 100
- 40 entries each for missed call, answered call and dialed call
- 16 entries for voice message
- LCD display dial data/caller name/caller number and so on
- Working status indicating Lamps(red?yellow and green) and keypad jacklight
- Independently digit adjust the volume of handset/hand free
- Speed dialing
- Adjustable volume for both handset and speaker
- Settings by HTTP web browser
- Advanced settings by Telnet
- Voice prompt
- Upgrade by TFTP

- Main chip: 50Mhz
- Data storage:2MB SDRAM
- Program memory: 1MB Flash memory
- Application Network environment: 10Base-T/100Base-T
- Echo cancellation:G165 16ms
- Power loss:2.7W(max)
- Power adapter: input AC 220V,output DC 9V 500mA

- Ambience temperature 0-40?(32-104F)
- Relative humidity 10-95%
- Atmosphere pressure 86-106Kpa
- Overall size:21519070mm(LWH)

For details please contact us for an assessment & offer.